No Bull Conquest Email Marketing

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Is your conquest email marketing statistics too good to be true? Are you asking, "What is conquest email marketing?" In short, conquest email marketing is emails sent to people who have not opted in to your email list.

Conquest email marketing is a great way to brand your business or promote your products and services to people in your market.

Buyer Beware. All conquest email companies are not above board. Many companies "game" the analytics to ensure their results look much better than industry averages. Some companies resort to having sophisticated software manipulate your website to increase their results.


Conquest email blasts work great but they are not the Holy Grail of marketing. Even the best designed and delivered email blast do not have special powers. Email marketing is effective and should be a part of every business' marketing strategy. But why are companies paying $5,000 to $10,000 a month for email services?

Most email service providers will not even provide the company a list of who opened the blast but take credit for helping you sell your services.

We named our product NO BULL EMAIL MARKETING because our product is real email marketing to real people who live in your market.

Here's the deal:

1. We'll send up to 100,000 emails a month for you in two blasts (again to real people)
2. One at the first of the month promoting your business and/or specials
3. One at the end of the month to help you close out the month
4. We'll provide you the home address of who we emailed
5. We'll provide you a list of the people that actually opened the email
6. If needed, we'll develop or assist with creative (company approves all creative)

All this for only $995 a month and that's NO BULL!

disclaimer: first time customers only

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