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We live in digital times. Look at the person next to you – chances are they’re tapping away at their smartphone right now, likely their email. Nowadays, businesses need to consistently be in front of their customers’ eyes in order to be relevant. Lucky for you, email marketing from Capitis is easy and effective for your business without the hassle and worry for you – we take care of it all.


Capitis email marketing is much more cost-effective than other more traditional direct mail marketing and can have a wider reach – meaning a higher ROI, which we can guess is pretty appealing to you. According to ExactTarget, for every $1 spent on email marketing, you’ll receive an average ROI of $44.25! When you are sending an email to thousands of individuals, the potential revenue is pretty significant.

Additionally, unlike other direct marketing, email marketing is measurable and can be highly customized without paying the extra cost. Do you think you can accurately track how many people actually saw your TV commercial or post card that you mailed? Not really.


And we can’t forget about credibility and relationship building! Nowadays, people have a plethora of companies that they could buy from instead of you. In order to gain their preference of business, you need to stand out, be trusted, and build a personalized relationship with your customers. Participating in an email campaign can help you do this. Customers regularly see your business’ name, they are able to reply straight to you, and eventually communicate with you one-on-one – all of which customers value when choosing which company they will spend their hard earned money with.

So, how does the process work? Capitis Media sends out email newsletters on your behalf to your current customers who have opted in to receive email communications. These emails vary in frequency, but most of our clients choose once a month in order to relay their specials, news, community involvement, and various upcoming events to customers.

Your branded email template is designed in-house with custom, relevant information, images, and links to the correct pages in order to maximize the user experience to its maximum potential. Tracking and analytics will also be presented to you at the end of each month so you can see just how many opens and clicks your newsletter received. Quick turnaround, flexible design, high ROI, and the possibility for multiple emails each month makes this service a must-have.

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